Founder of Lap Tech Medical – Teoh SH has extensive experience commercializing healthcare products across Malaysia. It’s during these experiences that he realised the growing cost of quality healthcare and the lack of choice as well as value in Malaysian healthcare market. 

Inspired by his experience, Teoh founded Lap Tech Medical in early 2004, importing and distributing various laparoscopic instruments and devices in Malaysia to support the increasing trend towards Minimally Invasive Surgery. 

The vision of Lap Tech Medical is to continue to source clinically proven and innovative surgical products from manufacturers around the globe. We are dedicated to supply quality products, provide exceptional service and deliver value add to Operating Rooms across Malaysia.

Lap Tech Medical now has exclusive distribution agreements with Lagis (Taiwan), Panther Healthcare (China), Microval (France), Dipromed (Italy), Liquiband Fix8 (UK), Alphaloop (Korea), LaproSurge – 3mm portfolio (UK), Conmed – Endo surgery (US) and continues to expand its offerings in alignment with its vision

Lap Tech Medical is committed to improve the Healthcare in Malaysia by delivering clinically proven and economic solutions, that would benefit the needs of all Malaysian Surgical Patients, Healthcare Providers & Healthcare Payers. 

Teoh SH / Founder of Lap Tech

Lap Tech Medical Sdn Bhd is formed by a seasoned Malaysian healthcare entrepreneur, Mr Teoh SH , who has over 25 years of core sales and marketing experience in the healthcare industry.

Prior to setting up Lap Tech Medical, Teoh has worked for 3 major multinational companies, namely B. Braun Medical, Smith & Nephew and Tyco Healthcare. Disciplines covered have been diverse, ranging from pharmaceuticals, interventional cardiology, orthopaedics and medical consumables to surgical products. 

In his time with Tyco Healthcare (currently known as Medtronic), Teoh was a key team player and contributor to Tyco operations and success in the AutoSuture business. Areas covered by him, had shown significant increases compared to previous fiscal and he has shown great maturity by developing excellent relationships with key personnel. Teoh last designation was Senior Product Specialist, AutoSuture range and is a qualified AutoSuture Stapling technician.

Punctuality, responsibility and extraordinary service are the cornerstone of Lap Tech Medical. These values resonated with stakeholder and they have full confidence and trust in both Teoh and Lap Tech Medical to always perform admirably.