Lap Tech Medical is proud to partner with LAGIS® an emerging leader in the design and production of patented surgical instrumentation focused exclusively on laparoscopic surgery. Lap Tech Medical is the Exclusive Distributor for the entire LAGIS® single use endo-surgical product portfolio in Malaysia. The LAGIS® product portfolio includes Trocar system (FineSEAL™, HandyPort™, LAGIPORT®, LapShield™, LapBase™), hand instruments (FineSHEAR™, FineGRAB™, FineBlade™), Suction Irrigation system, Insufflation tubing, veress needle and Anti-Fog solution.


Lap Tech Medical completes its surgical stapler portfolio by partnering with Panther Healthcare® – a leader in innovating ‘Made in China’ surgical stapler technology. Founded in 2002, Panther Healthcare® specialises in developing and manufacturing surgical stapling product for open and laparoscopy surgery with global headquarters in Beijing, China. Panther Healthcare® has over 200 intellectual property rights and was awarded the most potential Chinese company in 2014 by Forbes. Currently, Panther products are present in more than 60 countries worldwide while its sales revenue is ranked top 3 globally.


The Anchor* Tissue Retrieval System™ provides a comprehensive premium product offering to fulfil surgeon’s need for safe and effective specimen retrieval. This simple and innovative Tissue Retrieval System™ is compliment with a pouch that has exceptional strength (rip-stop nylon material) is reliable and adds efficiency to the operating room.


Since 1978, DIPROMED is the forefront of developing and manufacturing implantable products for hernia surgery, namely Evolution® and 2P-CMC®. DIPROMED’s own Research and Development team in Italy implements the project, the development and the realization of hi-tech products that guarantee maximum comfort and safety to the patient as well as great ease of use for the operator.  


The MICROVAL-3D-ANATOMIC reinforcement implant is a biocompatible 100% polypropylene knitted mesh (150μm monofilament diameter). It is specially designed for the tissues reinforcement in inguinal hernia repair, through totally extraperitoneal (TEP) or trans abdominal (TAPP) approach without the need of using a tacker thanks to its controlled rigidity (memory shape) feature to secure the prosthesis.

Advance Med Sol

Liquiband® Fix8™ is a hernia mesh fixation device that provides strong mesh fixation without causing any tissue damage or mechanical trauma. Launched in 2014 in the UK, its new innovation is designed to offer precise and controlled delivery of liquid anchors, which proven to have higher shear strength over a tacking device. Thus, reducing the risk of some common post-operative complication and pain.

Crevision – ALPHALOOP®

Effective and precise suture ligation. Crevision started off as an automotive design and engineering company in Korea before expanding into medical devices in 2013. With its aerodynamic design knowledge, ALPHALOOP® was developed by integrating absorbable suture in an aluminium tube to enhance the precision control of pedicles ligation in laparoscopic procedures.


The Liga.Works™ ligating clips range is the result of continuous innovation by working closely with UK customer base that forms a critical part of LocaMed product development. Titanium and Polymer clips are implantable medical devices that are made of advanced metal and polymer material respectively, to ensure highest level of biocompatibility as well as structural stability over time which is essential for long-lasting patient safety.