Reflex® Skin Stapler by CONMED®

The Reflex® stapler ergonomic design gives you more area between the handle and the skin (B>A). This keeps the nose of the stapler parallel to the skin allowing proper staple formation, good tissue proximation and less chance of the onset of edema.
Reflex® One Skin Stapler
  • Flexibility of movement.
  • Fully Retracting Anvil permits staple release while moving forward or backward
  • Releases the staple when the handle is fully depressed.
  • Complete staple formation is confirmed by Audible and Tactile Feedback.

Reflex® TL Tissue Lift Skin Stapler

  • Additional control.
  • Incorporates a Semi Retracting Anvil that only releases a staple when the handle is fully released.
  • This Semi Retracting Anvil gives the “Tissue Lift” which assists in approximating the incision for easier placement of the next staple.
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